The Show

Iraq's first political satire and comedy show, hosted by Ahmed Albasheer, quickly became the country's most popular tv show after its launch.


The first season premiered in 2014, and as of this time, Season 9.5 is airing on DW Arabic each Friday night at 9 p.m. Baghdad local time, Albasheer show employs humor and sarcasm to criticize the country's political and social issues.


One of the most popular segments of Albasheer Show, Alfhagan, which highlights the serious issue with corruption in Iraq. The opinions of the general people are influenced by Alfhagan.


Albasheer Show uses media, music, entertainment, segments, and technology to propagate its message. Many international and national journals and TV hosts, including the New York Times, the PBS show Amanpour and Company, Reason Magazine, and Chatham House, have featured Ahmed Albasheer and Albasheer Show.


The host of Albasheer Show

Comedian, writer, director, actor, and TV host; founder and CEO of Lagash media production; host of Albasheer Show since 2014. He exceeds as a host, producer, and writer of Albasheer Show.


Ahmed Albasheer's contributions to the media industry were acknowledged with the prestigious AL HAITHAM INTERNATIONAL MEDIA AWARD in 2016.

In 2018, he secured his position as the Middle East's 20th most influential figure, solidifying his status as a global influencer.


Beyond his role as a TV host, Ahmed Albasheer has taken the stage with his stand-up comedy talents in America, Canada, and Europe. He has also left his mark as a producer and director, creating captivating series for various TV channels.